The Camplans Service

The service we offer covers all steps of the process

  • A 'No Obligation' free site visit/evaluation meeting with you the client to discuss potential schemes and ideas.

Once appointed by client:

  • Carry out a full site and property measured survey.
  • Produce existing site, floor plans and elevations using AutoCAD.
  • Meet and agree proposed scheme with you the client.
  • Produce all proposed site, floor plans and elevations using AutoCAD, filling out all relevant application forms and collate planning application package (if planning permission is required).
  • Submit your application once scheme approved by you the client.
  • Monitor your application as it progresses through the planning system and report back to you the client with regular updates.
Please note that it is worth pointing out that under normal circumstances most contractors would not be prepared to provide you with a quotation to carry out your project based on Planning drawings. However, I have found with the level of detail & information my planning drawings show, many contractors are more than happy to provide an approximate quotation at this stage. The benefit of this is that you are able to ascertain relatively accurate costs whilst your scheme is proceeding through the planning process.

Once Planning Permission has been granted:

  • Produce more detailed Building Regulation plans, sections and a building specification using AutoCAD to comply with latest Building Regulations.
  • Collate a Building Regulations package ready for submission for plans approval.
  • Submit your Building Regulations application for plans approval.
  • Amend plans if required to address any Building Control queries to obtain Building Control plans approval.

To arrange a 'No obligation' free site visit/evaluation meeting at a time convenient for you, please contact us on:

01223 563499

07795 600822